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St Matt's Youth is a community centred on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that the teenage years of a child’s life are crucial to the positive formation and ownership of their faith. Our vision is “Loved to Love”, meaning that we are a community loved by Jesus who want to show that love to our church and the world.

Our youth ministry is a thriving safe space for young people to come together. All our sessions are supervised by members of a team of over 30 adults who have completed a Safe Ministry Training Course, and hold a current Working With Children Check.

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Juniors (Years 6-8) meet 5:00-7:00pm

Our Junior program is focused on relationship building as a community in group-based activities. We typically spend the start of our junior session as an all-in activity, game or challenge. We then split into year & gender groups to spend time looking at the Bible, focusing on who Jesus is, what he did and how it impacts us. Lastly, all the junior youth join back together for a dinner session that is shared between Juniors and Seniors so that they can enjoy time together as a whole youth community.

Seniors (Years 9-12) meet 7:00-9:30pm

Our Senior program is geared towards maturing Christians to be confident in their faith, though we intentionally include guest-friendly moments every week! A normal week at our senior youth program starts with dinner shared with the junior youth to help encourage fellowship and community amongst all the young people meeting at St Matt's, before we move into an all-in time of Senior youth. This includes a session of low-key games or challenges, followed by a short, bible-based talk. Afterwards, the Senior youth split into gender/year groups to spend time fleshing out the implications of a heart-based transformation that’s impacted by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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Juniors (Years 6-8) meet 10:00-11:15am

On Sunday mornings, our junior Great Mates groups meet during the 10:00am service at St Matts for a bible study with their friends that involves digging into the Word of God, praying together and having a laugh. This is followed by morning tea on the village green.

Seniors (Years 9-10) meet at 4:30-5:30pm

On Sunday afternoons, our Year 9 & 10 leaders meet at St Matts for a bible study with their friends that involves digging into the Word of God and talking about it. Afterwards, the youth are encouraged to stick around for our 6pm service that finishes around 7:30pm.

All Seniors (Years 9-12) meet at Sunday@6

We encourage our youth to be a part of our wider church and to get involved in our Sunday@6 service. This service is casual, contemporary and aimed at youth and young adults in particular. It’s another great way to meet each week and involves singing, praying, bible reading, a sermon, supper and more.



St Matthew's strongly believes that young people matter to God. We have seen God do incredible things with young people over the years and are excited to see what God has in store for the teenagers of St Matt's. Helping them with their spiritual development are three staff members and a team of over 30 volunteers.

Ross Collins over sees the entire ministry with support from Julie Middleton, who focuses on Senior youth. They are both passionate about youth ministry and would love to hear any questions you have.

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Ross Collins
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Julie Middleton
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