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Raising kids in a Jesus-Centred environment.


The Village is a new initiative at St Matt’s designed for families in every form.

Children in today’s society are growing up in a complex and challenging world. One of the complexities of our young people’s lives is the evolution of “screens”. The digital world is pervasive and constant for many young people today. Many of you will be facing these kinds of challenges in your own homes or see them in the homes of those you love.  As a church we want to assist those involved in the care and raising of our young people to be aware of the issues at hand and equipped to deal with them as best as we can. 

To that end our first Village event will be a screening of the documentary “Screenagers” on the 20th of June at 7:00pm. This is documentary aimed at educating and empowering those involved in the raising of young people in a digital world.

We would love to see as many families from our church and community present. The documentary is appropriate for those age 10 and above and we would encourage you to bring your children along! 

If you don’t have children but are involved in parenting children in some other way, eg. Aunt/uncle, grandparent or God parent, we would love for you to come as well.