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At St Matthew's we believe that our relationship with God impacts our relationships with others. With over 600 adult members, small groups provide a significant way to build meaningful community. In the process of understanding God’s Word together, our ultimate goal is to live out our faith - to ‘practice what we preach'. We do this by encouraging one another in our faith, praying together, showing love in times of need or plenty, and looking outward to the needs of our community. Small groups are about being real with one another, and working out how our love for Jesus impacts the way we navigate life.

We have a variety of small group options meeting at different times of the week and in various formats. While each group functions differently, all desire to see lives transformed through the grace of Jesus Christ.

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Men’s Small Groups

Men’s groups meet:

  • Tuesday evening (weekly)

  • Wednesday evening (weekly)


Women’s Small Groups

Women’s groups meet:

  • Monday morning (weekly)

  • Thursday morning (weekly)

  • Thursday evening (fortnightly)

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Mixed Small Groups

Mixed groups meet each night of the week in different formats - including weekly, fortnightly, young adults, families and groups with a bit of everything!


ESL Small Groups

No matter where you are from, we would love to welcome you! We currently have one ESL group which meets on Saturday afternoons, but are looking at beginning more soon.

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