A Community for everyone


Every Sunday at St Matthew’s, we hold three different services across the day for our church to gather in community under God’s Word. Each service is styled differently, though the sermons usually remain the same across all three. Below, you can see a little info about each service to see which one might work for you.


8:30am Service

Our 8:30am service is the most traditional of the day. It’s a little more formal, and singing is from hymn books accompanied by the organ.


10:00am Service

Our 10:00am service is contemporary in style. It’s, casual, comfortable, and perfect for families and working adults. We provide a full kids and junior youth program catering from the smallest of bubs up to teenagers in Year 8.


6:00pm Service

Our 6:00pm service is also contemporary, but is orientated towards senior youth (years 9-12), young adults and full-time workers.