Next Steps

Are you interested in finding out more about Jesus? Or committing to following him? Here are some of the next steps you can take.

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Come to our Services

Every Sunday, rain, hail or shine, we meet three times to worship our great God and learn more about Him and how he wants us to follow him. If you’re interested in knowing more about Jesus, start by coming along to one of our services each week and meeting our members, who’d all be happy to share how they met God and why they committed to Him. It’s also a place you can meet our staff members, and grill them with your questions.

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Chat to a Staff Member

Have you got questions about Jesus, God and faith? Why is there still suffering in the world, and does science disprove God? The ministers at our church have all completed theological training and would love to hear anything you want to ask. Most of them are caffeine-fiends, so shoot them an email or text, or give them a call and catch up for coffee. They’re also there to hear about whatever might be going on in your life, and are always ready to pray with you.

Our next Christianity Explored course starts on Monday 29th of April, at the church, from 8pm.

Our next Christianity Explored course starts on Monday 29th of April, at the church, from 8pm.

Do a Course

Every now and then, we run courses designed to introduce people to Christ. These courses involve meeting once a week and exploring videos and written content that explain who Jesus was, why he came, and how that effects you.

Register your interest with the form below, and we’ll get in contact with you to let you know when we might be running our next course.

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Join a Small Group

If you’re already coming to our Sunday services and want to get more involved, join a Small Group!

Our Small Groups meet during the week in the homes of different church members. They’re facilitated by church members and offer a chance to explore the bible through discussions, while also helping our church community to connect, grow deeper relationships and support one another. Small Groups are a great way to get to know our church better, and are a place to bring your questions and whatever is going on in your week.

Get in touch with our Small Groups minister Chris Cippollone for more information, or sign up for one right now!


Get Baptised

Have you committed to following Jesus? Water Baptism is a way to publicly declare your faith, to friends, family and the church. It’s an outward confession of an inward experience.

If you’re interested in getting baptised at St Matts, or just have some questions about what it means or how it works, get in contact with one of our staff members and they can chat to you all about it, or help you organise a date to take the plunge.