10:00am Service

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Welcome to our 10:00am Service!

Our 10:00am service is contemporary in style, and orientated towards families of all shapes and sizes. Everyone dresses casual and comfortable here.

We encourage everyone who arrives to wear a stick-on name tag as a way to get to know each other. You might be asked to write one if it’s your first time. From there, you can head into the church hall and grab a seat as our service starts.

We often start the service with a song, led by our band made up of church members. We sing modern worship songs. All the words will be projected on an overhead screen, but there’s no pressure to join in until you’re comfortable. During one of the songs, an offertory is passed around, which is one way that our church members give to the work of our church. If you’re new, just let it pass by- we want your company, not your money.


Kids & Youth

We think kids are so important to God, so we then encourage all the kids to come to the front of the church to hear a short kids talk before they head out to their kids programs. Younger kids will need a parent to drop them off at the appropriate program. You can find stacks of information about our kids programs here.

Kids in years 6-8 have a separate program called Junior Great Mates. They start in the service, before moving out when the kids hear their talk. They gather briefly in the foyer, before splitting into smaller groups for a bible study with their friends and leaders. It’s a chance for them to dig into God’s Word, ask questions about faith and pray together. The groups meet in the upstairs offices. They finish with a morning tea on the Village Green across the road from St Matts, and can make their way back to church from there, or be picked up early.

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After the kids leave, we continue the service with a mix of prayer, bible reading, more singing, a sermon and a time of announcements. Once a month we participate in communion, also known as the Eucharist, and many weeks there will also be a time of confession, which is a chance to reflect upon your week. There’s no pressure to take part in anything you’re uncomfortable with- we’re just happy you’re here!

At the end of service (around 11:30am), everyone spills outside to enjoy morning tea and a chat. Hang around as long as you like! We’ve got a great coffee machine, and it’s also a chance to meet and chat with people from our staff team.


Chris is our Assistant Minister for the 10:00am service. With a wife and four kids of his own, he knows all about bringing a family to church! He’d also love to hear any of your questions about the service or help you plan a visit.

Chris Cippollone 9498 0003 chris@stmattswp.org.au

Chris Cippollone
9498 0003